Best SEO tools to rank in Google in 2021

SEO plays a very important role when a person wants the website must occupy a good position in search engines. It is essential to earn direct traffic on the website and to notice an increment in sales as well. We are in a generation where competition is there, and changes in the market are sudden. And thanks to technology, which leads to digital platforms are constantly evolving and adapt new realities as well.

By keeping the same into consideration, a person must be maintaining the portal accordingly. In case the digital portal is not maintained, then things will not be as they want. They need to consider the best SEO tools to do digital things efficiently. Tools must be there for keyword analysis, web analytics, ranking, backlinks, SEO auditing, page-speed, web accommodation, and so on. If an efficient tool is not there, then it becomes difficult for them to move ahead with the best.

If you are looking forward to using some SEO tools, here we are helping you with it. We will be going to share paid and unpaid SEO tools that help you in gaining a good position on search engines and help you to mark your online presence more efficiently.

Best SEO tools to consider

Google search console

Google search console heads in the free tools available for all the users out there. With this tool, a user can analyze and optimize the website. It provides all the relevant information, including keyword analysis, web traffic, domain set, and link analysis, and so on. All the potential problems will get detected and help the individual to develop digital marketing strategies to stop these strategies will help them to optimize the website.

Web developer: SEO Tools

A web developer is a plugin that is useful to analyze a particular section of the website easily. A user can easily analyze headers, titles, meta-tag, CSS, images, JavaScript, and so on. In addition to this, a user can get links from other tools as well to get an idea about the comprehensive service available around. This will be going to act as a one-stop destination for users who want to analyze the complete website for the sake of simplicity and development.

Bing Webmaster

Bing Webmaster is somewhere similar to Google search console. But it is aimed at the Microsoft search engine. It will be going to highlight the audit of the website along with SEO Optimisation. A user can detect broken links, server errors, duplicate content, unindexed pages, validation errors with the help of this tool. Moreover, in case they wish to create comprehensive reports option is also there with them. It is very easy for them to understand, and they can easily send reports to customers.

MOZ toolbar

MOZ toolbar is also a plugin that detects specific aspects of the website. With this toolbar, users can easily detect the changes and do the SEO Optimization accordingly. Moreover, it will highlight the follow and unfollow links, along with link profile, domain details, location, and set of attributes linked with it also get highlighted.


Soovle is the tool that lets a user check out the keywords which rank high in search engines like Amazon and YouTube. A user can get an idea about the keywords, and after it, they can create the appropriate content. In case they want to meet the requirements of individuals by this keyword, then this tool will help them to do it. A user needs to check out each and everything cautiously to make things much easier for them and draught content accordingly.

Open Site Explorer

Open Site Explorer is one of the easiest and most visual platforms available out there. People consider it for the SEO optimization of the website. Moreover, a user can easily check out the anchor text, link-status domain data, social media relevance, website comparison, and so on. For more specific services, this is one of the most used tools suggested for 2021.


SEO Box hit in the list of most innovative tools out there. It will be going to use a physical device and connect it to the internet. The connection builds automatically so that task gets performed, and it will check out the IP of real users easily. Multiple aspects get covered, including the detection of SEO Optimization opportunities, relevance on the web page, position on Social networks, and traffic to it as well. It provides the real and recent information to the user and suggests the positioning of keywords in a field of action as well.


Mangools is a tool that is a combination of five other tools having a link with web analytics and keywords. A user will be able to optimize the page successfully. It has multitudes of features, including the analysis of SEO metrics for URL, keyword research, competitive analysis link, research keyword monitoring, and so on. This is a platform that is especially targeted for bloggers and SMEs.

Raven Tools

If you are looking forward to a platform that includes all kinds of content for the SEO optimization of the website, then Raven tools are the best to choose. These allow an individual to analyze the keyword ranking, analyze campaign tracking, monitoring social media relevance, web analytics, report for customers, and so on. It is one of the most affordable and reliable tools available and the list.

Authority Labs

In keyword ranking authorities labs is a well-known and most used tool available. It allows users to divide the keywords based on campaigns and make comparisons between them as well. They can easily get an idea of which keyword has the highest performance and, after a break and integrate it into the content easily. Moreover, it has a complete set of services and specializes in keyword Optimization as well.


Ahrefs is a tool that is best when a user ways to manages the keywords. Multiple features are including in it, considering search analysis and optimization of keywords. They can effectively and simply get a complete analysis of the page’s digital marketing situation. After it, a person can move ahead and apply the strategy accordingly.

Web SEO: SEO Tools

If you are looking forward to the tool offers more comprehensive services, then Web SEO is best to consider. It covers multiple aspects of the website, including the keyword search based on their traffic and difficulty, keyword ranking analysis, analysis of links to the website, search for duplicate content, analysis of the competition, analysis for URL as well. It is mainly focusing on relevance and positioning, and it is great to help with SEO optimizations of the page.


SEMrush is a tool that no user can forget when it comes to the payment SEO tool. It is available with full service and performs the task in a manner that is just unbeatable. It allows the user to do the keyword ranking analysis easily and help them to make personalized reports as well. Along with it, keyword search and analysis, social media analytics will also be there available to the person. It is the most used platform by experts and helps them to develop proper SEO Optimization for the website.


Quicksprout is among those tools which allow individuals to analyze their website easily and quickly. It comes up with multiple items, including the description code error, display load time, and so on. It will help an individual to get an idea about what’s wrong with the website. There will be no need for a user to feel difficulty in any case at all.

Link assistant

Link assistant is also a very beneficial tool when a user ways to achieve their goals. It allows them to analyze keywords and their ranking so that they can easily identify the right ones for the portal and optimize them properly as well. Moreover, they will be able to study the competition and examine the on-page SEO of the website easily as well. There will be no need for them to search for any other tool at all.

Screaming frog: SEO Tools

This platform serves multiple functions that are essential for SEO optimization of the website. A user can easily identify the duplicate content, link text header, broken links, and so on. It will be a great tool for analysing the website.

Conclusion: Best SEO Tools

These are the best SEO tools to use in 2021. A user just needs to be sure about it and everything in detail when they are moving ahead for using the tools for SEO Optimization. If you feel like something is missing, then considers some other tool and gets all the details accordingly. Do not let yourself face any kind of trouble at all because in case any of the strategies is missed, then the website will not be able to mark its position on online portals at all.

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