Clean Meat through Reverse Engineering – The Pure Vegetarian Meat

The present world is facing the effect of a broken food system. And there is a huge possibility to fix this, using market forces, consumer behaviour, and improved food technology. Have you ever thought of enjoying meat without killing them? I know it sounds crazy, but let me just put it in simple words.

As we all know that Humanity and Population have left the possibility of sustainability without bringing a time machine into the scene.

Whatever may be the reasons, but the fact that we must find a way to feed 9.7 billion people in this world without stimulating the catastrophic effect? It is hard than it is sound and we humans need to accept that flawed resource-hungry techniques cannot do this. All of these facts question sustainability. As result groups of people are working to encourage the mass shift of consumer dietary behaviour from animal products to promoting the health crops like pulses and whole grains.

Changing the Resource instead of Consumer Preference

With a handful of sustainable ingredients and improvised production process, many reverse engineering food products are produced throughout the world. Meat products are the frontiers in their product manufacturing list. Yes! You have heard it right starting from the burger patties to the fresh steak of beef is manufactured using the plant resources. These products do tastes the same and provide the exact sensory experience and nutritional value as the freshly cut meat slice.

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Apart from meat slaughter reduction, it also reduces land and water usage up to 99% and 96%.

Global Demand for meat and Clean Meat

According to the Food and Agricultural Organizations of the United Nations, survey there will be a tremendous demand for meat in the upcoming years. The demand will be increased by 30-40%. The food purchasing values of the consumers depend on the price, taste, and awareness than the desire to save the planet or to support sustainable development.

When people aspire to be healthy with healthy eating habits and regular exercise, the new action doesn’t seem to align with these health freaks. It will remain the same until new products arrive which are better than the factory-farmed foods.

On a survey, it is come to know that with the right price, people will continue to consume clean meat instead of farmed animals. So it opens up a great chance to withstand sustainability. And as a new improvement arrives, people will surely adopt the reverse-engineered meat.

Food innovation is Healthy – Clean Meat

Meat reverse engineering is becoming popular day by day as most people are marching towards sustainability. Here Plant-based milk provides a greater opportunity to study. Plant-milk base products have been in use back since. It was suggested to the people with dairy allergies and other diet restrictions. Plant based clean meat and Plant-based sea-food are becoming trending. And many restaurants and café bars have highlighted it in their menu, attracting many youngsters towards the massive conversion.

But now, they compromise almost 10% liquid market place

When thinking about the healthier side of Reverse engineering meat, without any doubt it is healthier and does not cause any side effects. By filtering the components in the preparation process, we can easily reformulate the fat and salt substances. The fat and salt substance in real meat is considered unhealthy when used at a large amount. So in clean meat, we can reformulate according to our wishes. So no drawbacks when it comes to health.

Final Words

Acceptance of sustainability has become mandatory. Each year we are losing 50,000 species which includes 80,000 acres of tropical forest, 135 plants, and animal species. Reverse engineering meat and other food products are environmentally friendly in production, do not causes health issues through harsh chemicals. And done in a closed system. It is the best way to support a sustainable environment while fulfilling consumer needs.

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