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Cloudflare has come up with a new tool, where you can detect and analyze the presence or bots in your website. The tool is called as Bot Analytics, which is very obvious to the function it does. Bots are usually considered as malicious to the websites, but the thing is not all the bots are malicious. Based on their effects on our website and also based on their characteristics, bots can be classified as ‘good bots’ or ‘bad bots’.  If a service that works on automation employs bots to make it more accessible. There are some bots which have certain good effects on our website, when they visit. And one should prevent these bots from visiting us.

On the other hand Bad Bots need to be prevented at the same time, they can cause some problems to the website. About 40% of all the online traffic comes from bots, here determining which bots to allow and which isn’t is not easy.  So this where, Cloud fare’s Bot Analytics comes in your way.

How Bad Bots reach your website

The new tool Bot Analytics is fast, accurate and loaded with important information that can help your website grow better. Additionally, it also helps your website to remain protected from the bugs and un-necessary issues.  Here, you can find the Bot Analytics under the firewall tab of the Cloudflare dashboard. If you are an enterprise organization without the Bot Management Access, then you can only see the snapshot of the bot traffic. But still with that information you can check whether the bots are swarming all over the webpage.

If you are a website admin and want to limit the bot visit to your website, then you can do that by setting your own threshold. Even after doing this, you cannot fully control the access of bots to your website, but you can manage to provide more genuine visitors to the website.

Bot Analytics
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How all it happens in Bot Analytics?

Artificial Intelligence, Machine learning, Data Mining are the pillars behind these technologies. They keep a record of visits and activities updated. Through Data Mining process every process we thought of become easy. Here we will have a look at Artificial Intelligence and how everything mends in together. Artificial Intelligence is increasingly expanding and enriching the support in all means from data based decision making, pattern reorganization to autonomous operations. Moreover, we can say that AI refers to the machine’s ability or intelligence to mimic the cognitive functions of human being.

With big data and data mining processes, machines can able to learn and solve the problems on their own, they are called as “intelligent agents” or bots.

Artificial Intelligence in decision making

The artificial intelligence to decision making has made many recent advances in its applications and has opened up wider range of audience. Applications such as artificial intelligence support systems  used in real time systems where it reduces the information overload. Implementing an expert system to automate the operations of real life applications, will automatically work on collecting, transmitting and analysing data for analysis. The entire world is about to witness a great impact of AI on the economy.

Benefits of using AI in decision making

The analytics and pattern reorganization driven decision making is becoming the new trend. Along with the increasing data storage and computing power, AI is capable to augment human intelligence. The elimination of human biases and errors through big data analysis can possibly eliminate the possibilities of wrong decision making. The cloud computing along with artificial intelligence is a solution for every problem in almost all the niches.

AI helps in automating the physical tasks and helps people to perform the task better and also to make decision faster. Here decision making is possible without human intervention. It bridges the gap between

Artificial Intelligence in Marketing

Decision Making in Marketing involves a lot of complexities, includes understanding the customers’ needs and desires for new products.  As, a solution to this problem we can make use of AI simulation and modelling techniques to provide reliable insight. It can predict consumer’s behaviours by gathering the real-time data gathering, trend analysis. And also by incorporating the trends in cloud computing.

Recommender Systems technology is a system that recommends or suggests similar products or ideas to the users.  Initially these technologies used in music sites and ecommerce stores. But now it is incorporated in many industries to provide the same service. Here, AI system understands a consumer’s preference depending on the ‘explicit’ or ‘implicit’ feedbacks by incorporating data mining.

Final Words – Bot Analytics

Well, in this article we have seen the Bot Analytics a new tool from Cloudflare. And the importance, usage and drawbacks of bot visits to our website. Along with that we have also seen how artificial intelligence, machine learning and data mining makes this process work

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