Disney Plus soon to take over Netflix, Hulu and Amazon Prime

Starting from young kids, teen agers to adults Disney movies never fail to impress people with its magical creations. As Streaming is becoming quite a trend nowadays, people are more into internet than on Televisions. And hence Disney decided to come up with Disney Plus, where you can watch animated movies, TV shows, Classic old movies from 1930’s and even Marvel, Pixar movies.

Important news is that all these amazing features are available at an extremely affordable rate. The interface, Content library, Video Quality and most importantly price, everything is designed in a way to take away the place of Netflix and Amazon Prime. In this article, we will see more about Disney Plus streaming channel price, availability and a small overall review. So without wasting the time, let us look into the content.

Disney Plus Release Date and Price

On November 12, Disney Plus is officially released in US and Canada. And on November 19 it is available in Australia and New Zealand. On March 31, 2020 Disney Plus UK in France, Germany, Spain and Italy. In 2020 we can expect many number of international roll outs around the world. If you are living in UK and want to experience the Disney Plus, then you will be paying Euro 5.99/ month and $6.99/ month in US, AU$8.99 in Australia and in Canada, it is CA$8.99 and in New Zealand it is around NZ$9.99

Consider yourself Lucky, if you live in US as a pack containing Hulu / ESPN +/ Disney Plus is available at just $12.99 per month. Here the price value is very much equal to Netflix’s standard subscription plan. I personally think that Disney Plus will be taking over Netflix, Amazon Prime and other media service provider platform.

Disney Plus
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Devices support on Disney Plus

Disney Plus is available and compatible on multiple devices and operating systems. Once after getting the smartphone application from the Google Play store, chrome, Firefox and Microsoft also had no problem running the service. The application also supports the console system like PS4 and Xbox One. LG TV already has the Disney application, but the Android TV’s Sony, NVidia, Hisense will be able to run Disney Plus.

Design and User Interface

For an existing Netflix or Amazon Prime Video, then you would definitely have list of expectations on Disney Plus. The four dynamic banner is directly linked to the movies and shows from those particular brands. But if you want to watch the featured content like Simpsons, Avatar you have to look them in the first row.

Under the brand banners, you will find out the originals section where highlight of the content is present. And just beneath that, you will see a row of recommended list, which you can find very similar to the streaming service like Netflix and Amazon Prime.

When you scroll down the homepage, you will see categories and groupings. All the layouts are perfectly designed based on genres and show type. The catalogue looks so much attractive and structured when compared to the Netflix. It looks like a Christmas present, a big surprise when you hover above the menu section. To know about the list of movies available, you can search in the menu section. Or else if you already have a movie name in your mind, then you can locate that movie through the search function.

In overall the design in navigable, responsive, fast and an amazing interface to support the functionalities.

Content Library

The Disney Plus is a complete package of animated movies, classic Disney movies, Disney channel throw back shows. And most importantly uncountable number of movies Marvel, Star Wars, Pixar and National Geographic. All these shows, movies and cartoons are more than enough for a person to spend entertaining day with their families. The classic movies and shows like High School Musical, THE World according to Goldblum are some interesting shows you may binge watching. And as a surprise, Disney Plus I providing 30 seasons of the Simpsons show which would amuse people.

Disney’s never ending movie catalogue may make head spin starting from the newly released movies to the classic Robin Hood and Cinderella back from 1930’s are present. The platform will let you access the six months old movies, if you take 2020 as example. Then you can expect Maleficent, Star Wars : The Rise of Sky Walkers and many other movies.

Quality Disney Plus

The HD /SDR stream that looks good on both big TV Screens and smartphones. Disney Plus provides many numbers of old shows and movies in high quality. It really makes it very impressive to binge watch your favourite movies and shows of classic times. Without any additional cost, Disney Plus includes an entire episode of SkyWalker Saga episode number 1, 2 and 3. And movies like Aladdin, Frozen, Little Mermaid and Moana is also there available in 4K quality. But when comparing the number of movies in the categories, it is much lesser than that of Netflix. But it is actually a quite a great start for a new media service provider.

Final Words

Without any doubt, Disney is one of the popular and high rated entertainment service providers. A streaming channel from their side will have no chance of failure. And additionally they are offering a very good service regardless of an affordable plan.

Once you get your Disney Plus activated, you can enjoy new movies like Star Wars, animated movies like Froze, Aladdin and classic movies from 1930’s like Robin Hood and Little Mermaid. Throwback TV shows like Hannah Montana, High School Musical and many more.

So whoever looking for a budget friendly streaming channel, I would definitely recommend Disney Plus, as it offers a bunch of shows with a huge catalogue, great interface and 4k Quality. And most importantly everything is available at an affordable rate.


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