Best Paid and Free SEO tools of 2020: Search Engine Optimization Software

The need for every content or service present on the internet is only fulfilled by Search Engine Optimization. We can widely split SEO as 0n-Page SEO and Off-Page SEO. The website should be monitored starting from the first day of its publishing. SEO ensures whether the content has unique page titles, well placed, and researched keywords, which attract organic traffic. To rank higher on the Google result pages SEO is much needed.

To analyse your website’s health and optimize your website, you will need Search Engine optimization tools. But consider yourself as a lucky one as there are many free SEO tools available. If you have a budget and want to work within that, then free SEO audit tools are preferable. And if you believe in yourself and want to invest a tiny bit of your money, then paid SEO tools are preferred. There are a plethora of tools out there in the market, but to make it very simple for you, we have a plan. In this article, you will find out the list of best paid and free SEO tools of 2020. So without wasting any more time, let us look into the content.

Google Search Console –  Best Free SEO Tools

Let’s begin with a free tool. Actually, who will provide you better search engine optimization results than the biggest search master? Google search console is the best start for newbies and also for professionals. The tool provides you all the information about your site. The information provided by the Google search console starts from the site’s overall performance and then to the usability information. When compared to other SEO tools, Google search console is user-friendly and also it does not require much knowledge to use it.

The potential problems of your website, troubleshooting spammy links, and also to monitor Google indexing of your site, Google Search Console is the best. Google search console is the only tool that allows you to report spam and allows you to request reconsideration in case of any issues. Here you can also avail of help from the Google Search Console’s Help Community. They share troubleshooting and performance tips.

Free SEO Tools
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SEMrush SEO toolkit

One of the main tactics to get higher ranks on Google web pages is by overcoming the competitor websites. The SEMrush tool kit was developed by the SEMrush in 2008. And then by 2018, they expanded their service.
The Keyword research tool provides a deep analysis of Keywords and analysis summary. The tool is used to analyse the competitors website

Backlink analysis and Traffic analysis helps to identify the competitor’s strategies. By using the tool kit, a person can find out the details such as average session duration, bounce rates, and many more. The competitor’s SEO strategy can be easily depicted. SEMrush received many positive comments and feedback from their users. The SEMrush tools can cost around $99.95 per month. It provides access to all the SEO tools required for optimizing the content.

SEO Spider

“Screaming Frog “ organization 2010 released the tool SEO Spider. The SEO spider tool provides most of its nicest features for free, but still few of them are restricted.

The missing title tags, duplicated meta tags, several links on each pages and wrong length of tags are also found by this tool. The SEO spider is available at both free and paid versions.  500 URLS are provided in the free version. It is only suitable for very smaller blogger pages. The paid versions of the tool cost around $180 per year with a complete set of advanced features and free tech support from their end.

Majestic SEO Tools

From its inception in early 2011, the Majestic SEO tool received the attraction of many people. It can be known as the oldest SEO tools available today in the market. The tool is very much dedicated to the backlinks and as we know that it has a huge influence on the website’s rankings. The tool allows the user to look for the ‘Fresh Index’ the information which is crawled and updated.

The tool is available in two versions, from small blogs and websites Lite version is sufficient. The Lite model charges you around $50 in keeping with month which incorporates a bulk oneway link checker, referring domain names recorded, IPs, Subnets, and plenty of different features. One of the biggest drawbacks is that the tool is the absence of Google Analytics integration.

Moz Pro – Considered as one of the best paid and Free SEO tools

Moz is an amazing SEO audit tool that helps to increase the traffic, rankings, and visibility across the search engine results. The user’s website can be audited using the Moz Pro spider where potential issues and recommended actionable steps are taken. The keyword research tools help to determine the keywords and combinations which is best for targeting.
The Moz pro begins at $99 per month containing the basic tools. The medium plan offers $149 according to month and additionally a loose trial is available. If you very own an organization or an enterprise, then there are extra plans available.

Final Words

Well, in this article we have seen a list of paid and free SEO tools for 2020. All these tools have their benefits and downsides. The list is generated by carefully evaluating the needs of bloggers and website owners starting from the smallest website to an enterprise. Most of these tools provide a free trial version, where they can work on the tool. In order to purchase the premium version of the particular tool based upon their choices. I hope you might have found out the best paid or free SEO tool that fits all your needs.

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