iPhone 12 Price, Specifications and All you need to know about it

In the Apple Event the CEO Tim Cook announced the new HomePod mini; it is the affordable version of the HomePod smart speaker. The HomePod Speaker is powered by Siri. As the name suggest HomePod mini is way too smaller than HomePod. Then, it continued by announcing the Apple iPhone 12 series.

It began the announcement by saying that Apple is bringing 5G to their phones for the first time. OLED displays is used in iPhone 12 series, it also uses Apple’s A14 Bionic SoC which enables the “Console-quality gaming”. Additionally Apple also added that later by this year Wild Rift is coming to iPhone. If you are wondering about Wild Rift, then let me clear it by saying that Wild Rift is the most popular PC game with big eSports community. When it comes to charging, the newly launched phone will feature the MagSafe wireless charging technology which supports the 15W wireless charging.

HomePod Mini

The new HomePod mini is designed using the S5 processor. The company said that HomePod mini has the computational power and audio technology to completely optimize the sound room. The company also claimed that they have invested a lot of time and features in the sound quality of the new device. It automatically gives you a chance to make the sound quality test interesting to the new device. Apple also said that when two HomePod minis are placed in a same room, they will automatically connect and become a stereo pair.

In the later days of this tear, Apple also said that iPhone’ U1 ultra wideband will interact with the HomePod mini to make the audio handoff seamless. The HomePod mini supports Apple music, Apple Podcasts and iHeartRadio, TuneIn, Amazon Music and other third party services.

In the HomePod mini Siri occupies an important role and in the Apple launch event they announced that Siri’s better version will be available in this device. According to Apple they say that, Siri can able to recognize the voice of other member of the household also. If you have devices in your home which supports Apple’s HomeKit, then you will be surprised by the number of features in it. The HomePod mini also comes along with the intercom feature, which allows to distribute the message throughout the Apple devices in the home.

iPhone 12 Price Details for the entire series

In the Apple Event, the company has launched the four iPhone 12 models. They are iPhone 12 mini, iPhone 12, iPhone 12 Pro and iPhone 12 Pro Max. The 64 GB variant of iPhone 12 Mini costs around $699, which is approximately 51,000 INR. The 12GB variant of iPhone 12 costs around $799, which is roughly about 58,000 INR. The price of iPhone 12 in about 79, 000 INR and it is around 69,000 INR for iPhone mini.

The 128 GB iPhone  Pro ships are available with starting price of 73,000 INR and the iPhone 12 Pro Max with 128 GB storage on base variant costs around 80,600. The price of iPhone Pro is 1, 19,000 and the price of iPhone Pro Max is 1, 29,000.

iPhone 12 Specifications

Apple said that iPhone ships the OLED display and has the better durable ceramic glass shield technology. The iPhone series supports 5G and in the US it also supports mmWave 5G to. As we already seen the iOS 14 with the A14 Bionic SoC as in the new iPad Air. The Six core processor with the four cores GPU, Apple says that both its CPU and GPU are fastest among all the mobile phones.

The iPhone 12 has two 12 mega pixel cameras wide angle sensors, the company also claims that even the low light images will also be of minute details. Apple’s night vision has got some improvement in the recent release; it works on all the cameras including the front cameras too. When it comes to video, Apple allows you to record night time videos with time lapse option.

MagSafe wireless charging is introduced for iPhone. This standard supports up to 15w wireless charging. In order to experience the wireless charging experience, Apple is planning to launch the series of MagSafe accessories to improve the wireless charging experience.

Apple also claimed that it will be removing the headphones and charging adapters from the boxed in order to make it more eco-friendly.

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iPhone 12 mini Specifications

The iPhone 12 mini Specifications has a 5.4 inch display with super Retina XDR display. A 14 Bionic SoC, 5G support same design and the same cameras too. It is also said that the only major difference between the 12 mini and iPhone is the size. When compared to other iPhones such as iPhone 7, it is smaller and lighter than the 4.7 inch.

iPhone 12 pro Specifications

The iPhone 12 pro features the 6.1 inch display and the pro max features 6.7 inch display. Apple improved the cameras a lot on newly launchedPro series. It also embedded the Deep Fusion of machine learning technology on all the cameras. Two wide angle sensors and a telephoto sensor are present on the triple rear camera on iPhone pro features.

Final Words

Well, we are aware of the new launch of iPhone 12 in the market without any doubt we kn0w that it will dominant the entire market. Even though it would have been a lot better than the present one, still people will buy for the brand value and amazing features in it. In this article we have seen about the newly launched price details and specifications; I hope this article will be useful in selecting the iPhone which is suitable for you.

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