LinkedIn Stories Now in India – Here’s how you can post your first story

Stories are everywhere and we are already well known of that. Here, I mean a feature that belongs to the chat applications such as Snapchat, Instagram, Facebook, WhatsApp and Twitter. Wait, there is a change now! Let’s just add LinkedIn at the very end.

Yes! You have read it right.

The pandemic has forced people to work from home, directly or indirectly it affected work routines of many people. Virtual become real and it took some time to become the new normal, as all says. In order to keep up with the trend Linked has come up with LinkedIn stories features where you can virtually share your memorable moments which keeps you connected virtually even when you are not.

More about LinkedIn Stories

The most professional social media platform is now out with the ‘story’ feature available. The stories are available in the form of video, image or texts with a shelf life of 24 hours. The same feature is available in Twitter, but it is named as Fleets there. The stories feature is added to the LinkedIn platform with a view of providing an opportunity to share their memorable professional moments with their connections. In over all, these stories believed to bring some color and peace of mind to the people.

Like every other application, the stories in LinkedIn will disappear after 24 hours. It allows you share an image or a 20 seconds long video. It also allows you to record a quick short video through your smart phone’s camera to share it as a story.

The new LinkedIn Stories feature is now available in Australia, Brazil, Canada, Netherlands, UAE and US. So now you can enjoy this feature with your fellow connections.

LinkedIn stories India

What more?

LinkedIn never fails to impresses their users, regional language and the colloquial slang is what entertains people. Now, LinkedIn is going to introduce localized stickers like Jugaad, India, cricket Chai Time, Auto Rickshaw and Yoga. And a unique Indian sticker is available that allows others to highlight the location in your LinkedIn stories.

The platform also allows you to send the messages to the connections and followers with “mention”/tag connections on their story. And additionally it will help you to know the insights of every story you share.

An additional feature which is known as “Question of the Day” will allow you to ask questions to other members of your network through the stories. This feature mainly focuses on increasing the interaction between the user and their connections.

Other updates

In the launch of LinkedIn stories, LinkedIn also announced major redesign of the platform which helps you to have an enjoyable LinkedIn Experience. Actually the announcement of redesign by LinkedIn is the biggest visual redesign in last five years.

The new updates will include dark mode, stream-lined search experience, face-to-face video calls by using Microsoft Teams, Blue jeans, Zoom directly from a LinkedIn message thread.

During the launch, the LinkedIn India’s country manager shared some interesting numbers which is a proof that, the engagement level of users in LinkedIn platform is increasing day by day. It can be detailed by the following numbers from March 2019 to March 2020, there is 60% year-over-year hike in the content creation number. And almost 55% hike in the conversations among the LinkedIn connections.

There is no wonder that, LinkedIn is one of the best platforms, where you can find plethora of job opportunities and engaging clients for your business. And it is the main reason that schools and colleges force their students to open up a LinkedIn Account.

But as time passes they get to know the importance of the platform on their own and features like Linked Stories makes it more convincible.

If you want to use the new feature instantly, follow the below mentioned steps.

Post your LinkedIn Stories

The update is available on both the Android and iOS applications. But before doing anything, you have to update your app. Regardless of the device, make sure to use the latest and upgraded version of the LinkedIn application.  Some of you might not be able to access the new feature; it is because they generally roll out staggered manner, so no worries you will get yours very soon.

Right up there

Once after updating the application, you will now able to find the ‘+’ icon near your bubble shaped profile picture. You can also able to see the stories shared by the other people right above the feed in the top bar.

Take a picture or Record a video

The next screen of the application allows you to take pictures and also record videos. In order to achieve this, hit the shutter button in the bottom menu. If you want to share the already clicked images or your favorite from the internet you can browse them through your gallery. The only thing is, you can share the videos of only 20 seconds length.

Customize it

We people love customization starting from customized stationary products to customized Dosa, we crave for that word. You can add a pinch of your flavor by adding your favorite stickers or location stickers. It will help you to build up the context.

Share your LinkedIn Stories!

Once you are done with jacking up, you can now share your stories among your network publicly. It can be done by clicking the ‘share story’ at the bottom right. If you want to share more number of stories at the same time, you can do it by visiting the home page and clicking the plus(+) icon and repeat all these steps again.

And another point is that, LinkedIn will allow you to tag your connections on the stories and it allows them to react or respond to them. LinkedIn stories are a great step taken by LinkedIn community which keeps the most professional social media platform in a balanced way.

In coming months or even weeks we can expect a huge number of roll outs in LinkedIn India to make the LinkedIn experience more comfortable and enjoyable. LinkedIn continues to be in the first position when it comes to bridging the employees and employers.

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