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A few people have this opinion that MS word is the only place that allows excellent document creation, that’s not the truth. There is still a good amount of the population that doesn’t like or have access to MS word. This year if you are willing to switch from MS word to anything else, you are in the right place. In this article, we will be looking at a few amazing MS Word alternative tools which word just as good. I will mention the main features of all of the alternatives so that you can make a choice based on your needs. 

Dropbox Paper 

Dropbox isn’t known for its office features but the file-sharing program offers a competitive application whose processing is strictly forced on the one of word. Another thing I wanted to throw in here is that dropbox paper is very tightly integrated with dropbox which makes the file sharing process easy. It allows various simultaneous collaborators and also allows you to export files in .pdf, .docx formats. 

If you are okay with 2GB of storage, it’s available for free on dropbox paper but if you need more than that, there are a few subscription plans you can purchase. 

Google Docs – Common Best MS Word Alternative

There’s no way you haven’t heard about this, but if not I’ll tell you guys about it. Google docs is an amazing place to create and share documents made by Google. It has tons of features that can also be extended further with the help of add-ons. When using google docs, you won’t have to worry about forgetting to save a document you’ve worked hours on. Google Docs automatically saves and stores the files as you write them. 

You can get offline access to all of the features so that you can continue working on stuff even when the internet is not available. If you want to share the document, you can do using the link or by converting it into a Word file, pdf, etc. it’s also completely free but also has some paid plans if you want to try them out, all you need to access Google Docs is a Gmail account. 


Zoho is another online application just like Google Docs where you can easily create documents. While working on the internet there is always a fear of data loss if the internet gets disconnected. But lucky for us, just like Google Docs, Zoho also offers to save and store the document as you write it. 

Yahoo or Google account can be inked with the Zoho account. The format is pretty similar so you won’t have any trouble using it. It also has a user-friendly interface which again makes it easy to use. Zoho Writer offers various amazing features and can export files in many different formats like docx, odf, pdf, etc. 


This word processing application similar to MS word is kind of blowing up lately. But the sad part is, the application is only available for Linux distributors only. MS word, is very much compatible to MS World. One aspect that I like is it allows you to work in many different formats. If you need to work with a ton of different formats in the office, AbiWord is one of the best options. 

In case you are willing to expand the software, you can easily do so with the freely available plug-ins to get access to many more features. Yes, it is completely free and the options and features are just straight-up unbelievable for a free word processing application. 


This word processing application is based on the WordPad engine but don’t worry, it’s free. If you want to have access to a few other options, it also comes with paid plans which you can choose from. In case you are not very sure about your spelling game, Jarte comes with a built-in spell check option. 

Overall, the features are wonderful and you get access to a bunch of them in the free version as well. There are good news people; even the free version of Jarte doesn’t have any ads. Now, you may ask how are the free trials funded, well they are funded using the income from the purchases of Jarte Plus Version. 

 WPS office – Best MS Word Alternative

Let me just talk about WPS Office for a sec, it is a free document processing suite processing. And the aspect of the WPS office we are talking about is the WPS writer application. This will serve you best as an alternative tool for word. It has cool features and can save files in a ton of different formats. One of the amazing options on this application is that you can use languages other than English; it supports French, Polish, Russian, Portuguese, Spanish, and German. 

The look and feel of the WPS office is just like word but it has a tabbed viewing window which is kind of the only difference. If you have been too used to MS word but is having to switch to another application, this is the best because it has the same feel to it. 


OpenOffice provides users with 6 programs that use the same engine which makes all of them kind of similar and of course easy to use. The software is open source and is maintained by a really large community so bug fixes and help are always on time. It is available for install on Windows, iOS, Linux, etc

Thank you for reading and we hope that you found this article helpful in finding the MS Word alternative. You may also like our content on top SEO tools, click here to read the content.


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