Netflix Free Trial India for 48 hours and Shows to Watch this 2020

Without any doubt, Netflix is the most popular media service provider in the world. And to increase its reach Netflix planned to host a 48 hour Netflix Free Trial India in December. The News about this launch is earlier spotted in the Netflix app or on the Android devices. The service provider planned to have code suggesting the trial. The offer could be named ‘Stream Fest’ and it is out from December 4. This offer also allows you to access the content for the next 2 days, even if you don’t own an active subscription plan. The content will be available without any limits and the Netflix app affirmed that the Stream Fest event will not ask for any type of payment details subjected to the plan.

Netflix Stream Fest

The event is confirmed and also the offer in Q3 2020 call and it is further said that the offer is planned to extend for other countries also. The plan behind this offer is to accumulate and attract more viewers to their platform which will be an effective sound strategy. The Chief Product Officer at Netflix, Greg Peters said that the company wants to provide free access to everyone around the world for a weekend hoping that few may sign up for the Netflix plan.

But now, Stream Fest will only be held in India as a trial basis before it is released worldwide. Apart from these, Netflix cancelled the 30-day free trial plan for the first users in many countries around the world. This plan is supposed to provide free access to Netflix after which the plan is supposed to be revoked. I hope every one who haven’t tried Netflix yet, will make use of Netflix Free Trial India .

Netflix Free Trial India
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Netflix Plans India

Netflix offers four types of plans which start from 199 Indian rupees which offer 480p resolution and the plan is limited only to the mobile application. The basic plan starts from 499 Indian Rupees which offers 480pstreaming on ay screening device. The Full HD resolution on two devices simultaneously is offered at 649 Indian Rupees. The 4K + HDR resolution is available at the premium plan which costs around 799 Indian Rupees. Ad additionally the premium plan allows you to screen the content on four screens simultaneously.

Top Shows to Watch on Netflix this 2020

Stranger Things

If you ever planned to watch Netflix Series, then without any doubt you would have heard the name Stranger Things. The hype and world-wide recognition for this show really deserve everything. The story revolves around a group of adorable kids from small-town who face unwelcoming circumstances in their town where they face a world of monsters. So once you start watching the show, you won’t stop yourself with the ‘just one more episode’ phrase.


I think you won’t need any introduction to this series whose fame is never fading. No matter how many times you watch it, still you will feel the same warmth, laughter, and love for this show. Every episode of Friends never fails to impress you either it e Rachel’s ditziness or Chandler’s sarcastic speech. So there is no way that this name can leave the top list.

Sex Education

This show will make you love everyone and everything about it. I bet that it is one of the shows that most of us will start to watch with other expectations but ended up with a heart-warming feel. Everything in this show makes you smile wider and wider and makes you feel happier and happier.


The show came in 3 seasons and I bet you will be at the edge of your seat while watching the series. The show follows the Columbian Cocaine Kingpin, Pablo Escobar and he destroyed Columbia by spreading the drugs in 70’s and 80’s. It is is highly recommended for people who are in search of short yet mind-blowing content.

Chilling Adventures of Sabrina

The most adored fictional character of Netflix is Sabrina a teenage witch. The improvised storyline includes witchcraft and the world of occult with a gripping storyline. The show has a gothic influence and also perfect to watch wrapped around a blanket in your bed.


While many shows failed in incorporating and showing the beauty of emotionally grounded characters. Dark does a brilliant job in showcasing the incidents with time travel and Paradoxes. Dark is attractive, compelling, captivating, and stimulating, which is more than enough reason to add it in your playlist.

Sacred Games

The most hyped show on Indian Television is the Sacred Games. But do you know what? It deserves all the hype. The well-scripted characters and well gripping storyline makes it all worth. The magnetism of Sacred Games is very hard to resist and I suggest you to add this show to your playlist.

The Sinner

If you are someone who loves to watch to darker themes and obscure content, then this show is yours. The series will keep you guessing to the very end and it is one of the best thrillers on Netflix right now. The performance of all characters in the show is well displayed which makes it very attractive.


Well, in this article we have seen about the new Netflix free trial India plan for 48 hours. It is one of the best opportunities to have a look at the highly hyped Netflix content without providing them any payment details. And also we have seen the list of top Netflix shows to watch in this 2020. All the mentioned shows here are deserving and worth all the hype. I hope all this content may help you in deciding the best show to binge on this year

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