Oculus Go VR – Price, Release Date and Review 2020

Virtual Reality is becoming the new trend and people are demanding amazing virtual reality devices. There are many numbers of companies that offer virtual reality devices at an extremely affordable price. Oculus is one such brand owned by Facebook provides a brand new way to experience the VR device. The company named the device Oculus Go, the products is making its way in the top position. The main reason behind this is that the Oculus Go VR device does not require any additional expensive PC requirements. The Oculus Go VR is a complete package of a feature-packed device.

It seems amazing that everything that needs to run a headset is packed inside a little grey box, which fits perfectly on the face of the user without any disturbance. The Oculus Go VR is light and it is suitable for casual gamers and also the people who do not want to spend their time, money, and energy on setting up a PC to gear up the high-end headset. In this article, we will see more about Oculus Go VR and also a detailed review of its features and functionality. So without wasting any more time, let us look directly into the content.

Release Date and Price of Oculus Go VR

There is a great reduction in the price of Oculus Go recently; the device is available at $149 for 32 GB Oculus in the US. The prices are reduced $50 and now available for $199 / Euro 199 and AU$299 as the launch price.

Oculus Go VR
Photo by Stella Jacob on Unsplash

The 64 GB model price is reduced from $249/ Euro 249/ AU $369 to $199 in the US. It is also said that both the models will be available at a comparable discount in every country, where the Oculus Go VR goes live. The price range in other regions of the world is yet not confirmed by Facebook. But it seems that people living in the UK can buy their Oculus Go 32GB for Euro 139 and the 64 GB variant for Euro 189 on Amazon.

Design of Oculus Go VR

The appearance of the Oculus Go VR device is sleek and has a classy subtle look to it. The front panel of the device is slightly grey. The adjustable straps are soft and it makes it very comfortable to wear. The design of the headset, which keeps it safe on our head, is just amazing.

The Oculus Go VR feels comfortable on the face, the inside plush is like a pillow and also to use the Oculus Go VR comfortably. It is come to know that Oculus consulted a garment company to make the fabric in a customized way.

The little amount of light that sweeps right inside the device right through the bridge of the nose may distract some people. But most of them ignore it as it does not create a distraction. The light leakage factor always differs from person to person. The weight distribution is also another great factor that people may find as the biggest concern. It feels like most of the VR device’s weight falls on the front side of the face. It creates a weird ache when the device is used for a long time.

Other Features of the Oculus Go VR device

The audio integration is a plus point for Oculus Go VR. The feature prevents the need for building in headphones. The device comes with plastic arms with slits containing the speakers. It is the most important feature that helps the headset to maintain its cohesive profile.

The 3DoF controller is present inside the Oculus Go VR device. The controller feels good and also very easy to operate. It looks very similar in functionality and comfort level just like Google Daydream View and Samsung Gear VR. The controller that comes along with the Oculus Go controller does not have the same level of immersion as present in the Oculus Rift.

So when the hands comes in contact to VR with the touch, the controllers track the hand movement of the users and also arms movement. The Coaster Combat is a game on the VR device. In this game, the controller plays as a pistol to shoot and to collect the coins.

Final Verdict

Oculus Go is a new era for VR devices. The device is user-friendly and takes the user to the virtual world without any hassle. It is comfortable, solid, sturdy, elegant, and classy. When considering the price, Oculus Go VR is better than other VR devices in the market.


  • Pleasant Experience
  • Minimum screen-door effects
  • Affordable device


  • Slightly heavy
  • Light leakage at the bottom
  • Battery to charge is not ideal

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