PUBG relaunch in India: Will the government approve it?

In September, the Indian government decided to ban PUBG mobile along with 117 other apps. Well, the current news is that PUBG mobile is planning to re-launch in India, but the actual question is will the government ever allow it, let’s find out.

Reports show that PUBG mobile is gearing up to make a comeback into India, but this time as PUBG mobile India specially made for Indian users. The version which is going to be released now will be a fork game of PUBG mobile. It shows that the PUBG Corporation will definitely be taking a lot of care . Because if the game is banned for the second time, it will be almost impossible to make a comeback.

A YouTube gamer Salman Ahmed recently said, “PUBG Corporation and the Indian government will first come to terms and rectify any issues before the launch”.

What really happened?

Along with the announcement, PUBG Corporation has put out its plans on how it is going to provide a healthy, safe and secure gaming experience to its users in India. The corporation also said that it is going to invest in the country to produce local esports, entertainment and video games.

There were reports that PUBG mobile will make a comeback on Diwali which is the 14th of November. But the date is long gone; a comeback of a banned app is not a piece of cake, so it’ll take a while.

The corporation itself hasn’t made any announcements yet but PUBG mobile India is going to make a comeback pretty soon.

A new Indian PUBG Coming soon

As said earlier, PUBG mobile is gonna come up with an Indian subsidiary. The plan is very good because it allows easier communication to the users as well as localized services. The corporation is initially intending to hire 100 employees specializing in esports, game development etc.

If PUBG mobile ever comes back. It is intending to work with several local businesses in order to strengthen its existence in India. Making a grand total of all of the stuff Krafton Inc is going to be doing to get the game back to India; we get 100 million dollars.

By any chance if PUBG mobile comes back to India (which it will), the users are up for a lot of fun. The corporation is planning on hosting India-exclusive esports events that feature big prize pools, big productions etc.

It’s definitely a big loss for PUBG if it decides to stay away from India (which it never will). India is the second biggest nation that has a ton of PUBG players after China. And this is one of the crucial reasons behind game doing everything in its strength to come back to India.

PUBG was banned in India on the accounts of privacy and security. So the game will definitely have to make a lot of corrections to make a comeback. Speaking of privacy,  mobile game says that the security and privacy of Indian users is its top priority.

Will PUBG get back in track?

PUBG will be conducting regular audits as well as verifications on the storage systems. This will hold the personally identifiable information of Indian users to reinforce security.

We wanna cover everything right, so let’s look at the changes on in-game content. The in-game content in PUBG will be tailored to make a perfect fit to the local needs. Simply speaking, all of the in-game content will be specifically customized for Indian users, let’s see how that goes.

Back in the times when PUBG was still there, kids were definitely going off while playing the game. I definitely can’t blame everyone because I have been a PUBG player for quite some time. And I am not insane (yet). Getting to the point, all of you kiddos that are too involved in PUBG, there’s quite some bad news, PUBG will be setting restrictions on game time (no that dramatic lol).

PUBG Ban – A short walk through

Let’s take a short walk into the past, PUBG mobile was banned on September 2nd (shattering my heart into a 1000 different pieces, but that’s another story). The main reason behind the ban was to build a wall of defence for the privacy and security of the nation.

Speaking about the present time, the game is no longer available on Google play store, Apple store. But if you manage to find an apk file of PUBG, that’s of no use because the servers are turned off for the country. With all of these, I don’t have the slighted idea how some of y’all were able to play PUBG comfortably till the previous week.

We are not in this alone, along with India, countries such as China, Nepal, Iraq, Jordan etc have banned the game, the reasons being the same as India’s. Not only that, many other countries are in the thought of banning it.

Final Words

In my opinion, it would be a lot better if  your game made all of the changes to the initial game. Instead of coming up with a new thing just for India. But it’s all up to the corporation, and who am I to suggest.

I am gonna conclude with a few more sentences. The core reason being I am too tired of researching about the comeback. Because it definitely made me remember the game I had long forgotten. If y’all are looking for an alternative game to enjoy until your game comes back, try Free Fire, that’s pretty good, so far I am loving it.

All I want to say is don’t get too excited for the game, it’s definitely gonna come back pretty soon. But we’ll never know when. The Indian government doesn’t ban stuff for no reason, so respect its decision. And patiently wait for the improved version of  your game.

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