Remote Education – Impact of COVID on Education

The corona pandemic has forced people to stay in their homes and it has resulted in school shut across the world. Over 1.2 billion children at the Global level are out of their classroom room with 150 countries reporting School closures. Even before the pandemic, many institutes have invested much in Online Remote Education and Virtual classrooms with global edtech investments reaching US$18.66billion in 2019, and after the pandemic it is expected to surge by $350billion by 2025. Many universities are facing insolvency and revenue at stake. But the sudden need of huge investment on Remote education is still in dire straits for many institutes and unfortunately, there is no other way around.

Many people claim that sudden drift to online learning without any time gap, plan, and preparation will result in a poor education system where there is no place for sustained development. But with the right technology, we can provide an effective Remote education platform for children.

Difficulties faced by Educational Institutions

There is no time for customization of modules according to their need. Separate modules for each process will increase the total cost. The need of a cheat-proof exam platform is difficult to construct and there is also a security concern of the institutes, teachers and student’s information. There are service providers who have a one-stop solution with ready-to-go deployment models for remote education, AI-based features and cheat-proof tab locking to conduct an exam fairly, e-learning and certification programs. The one-stop solution reduces the total cost of ownership by about 80%. The entire solution will be hosted under the institute’s secure server with the institute’s user interface.

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On-prem vs cloud vs on-premise infrastructure

On-prem: Secure, much control over the third parties.

On-premise requires manual installation, not scalable,

Cloud : Cost-effective, ease of data accessibility, easy deployment of models, seamless connectivity, data security, transparency between students and staff members, minimizes licensing cost.

The threatening financial stability of the institution

We can include the points like how educational institutions are facing financial issues in this pandemic situation. They are also facing issues in partial tuition refund and revenue management. Many universities have implemented hiring freezes, stopped their projects. And many other factors which may cost them some clear statistics.

The financial stability of the physical institution has become a question mark. The lack of physical presence of students and wastage of rent to the unused resources drives off the financial stability. As a result educational institutions are making everything under the remote.

Benefits of Remote Education

Remote education may feel and look weird as students used to attend traditional schooling. But one has to cope along with the situation, in this pandemic education is important, here particularly remote education is important. Though it reduces the enjoyment in physical presence, on seeing the brighter side it surely reduces the stress.


It also increases the time that we spent with our family and also a balanced lifestyle. In the free time, students can invest themselves in building additional skills for their life. And on the other hand, teachers need to be very particular and careful.  Their teaching methods need to be improved as everything is virtual.

Cheat Proof Exams

As classes became virtual, exams also need to be virtual. Educational institutions are looking for cheat-proof exam system which can help students to help exam in a fairway. When it comes to cheat-proof exams, it means that eye movement and online presence need to be monitored continuously and luckily there are service providers who can help you with conduction the fair online exam.

Final Words

Well, in this article we have seen the importance of remote education, the problems in conducting remote classes. And most importantly the drawbacks in conducting the online exams. Though there are many issues still the brighter side of remote education is worth trying. The financial instability is forcing people to adopt remote education and let us become a part of this new normal. Video group conferencing apps are becoming more and more popular. And if you haven’t used Zoom video conferencing application, then I would suggest you have a look at the detailed guide of zoom application. Click here to have a read.


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