Samsung Galaxy Note20 5G and Z Flip 5G available in white and red for the festive season


Samsung Galaxy Note20 5G and Z Flip 5G were officially released back in the month of August. But as the festive season is all about spicing thighs up, Samsung decided to do something cool to these amazing mobiles. It’s the holiday season and the main colours you see are white and red, so why not have it on your phone as well? For aloof you guys that thought of it that way, Samsung has released an improved version of Samsung Galaxy Note20 5G and Z Flip 5G in the colours mystic red and mystic white.


The mobiles in the festive colours were initially released in South Korea but congratulations to US citizens and people living there. The colours are available in the US now. If you were planning on getting any of these two phones and don’t want to compromise on the budget, there’s good news. You won’t have to move the budget even a little bit because the festive coloured mobiles are also available at the same price as the normal ones. I must say guys, the red and white colours are literally popping.

More About new releases

It seems that the company has a lot of these in stock, if you’ve ordered them at the end of November, you should have gotten it by the 8th or 7th of December. The timing is actually perfect because you just kick start the festive vibes starting with your mobile because you’re always on it.

Along with the red and white, you also have a couple of other colours. If you feel like you can just add a festive coloured case to the phone, there are some other colour options as well. The two colours are mystic bronze and mystic grey. Trust me guys, I am literally in love with the mystic bronze colour.  We are actually getting married on the first of next month (okay just kidding back to what we were talking about).

The prices of the mobiles put me on the fence about buying them. The galaxy Note20 5G is available at around $850 and the galaxy Z Flip 5G is at around $1450. That is kind of a lot and you can buy the iPhone 12 pro max with it as well, which is a major competition. So, if you are in such a situation, what can help more than just taking a look at the features of the Samsung Galaxy Note20 5G and Z Flip 5G.


Samsung Galaxy Note20 5G 

Samsung announced the Note 20 series back in august of this year. The note 20 series will carry everything you have seen in the S20 series but with a few improvements in the camera. S pen is, of course, the staple of the Note series but it has a ton of amazing stuff going on and it’s surely a completely improved version of it. It’s really reliable and really useful this year guys.


It has really good improvements and I kind of like the phone not gonna lie. Two of the mobiles in the Note20 series are powered by Qualcomm Snapdragon 865 Plus. The mobile has a unique AMOLED 6.7- and 6.9-inch 120Hz refresh view which is so far my favourite. The unique AMOLED 6.7- and 6.9-inch 120Hz automatically adjusts the content that is being displayed.


Let’s talk about the RAM as well as storage space for a minute. It has a RAM of 8GB to 12GB, you pick any amount you want but the 8GB RAM option will obviously be a little cheaper. You have to store all those memes and the extremely large-sized fun games right, (mobile doesn’t exist in this world without at least one of them, right ladies and gents?.


Okay, enough of all of that, I’ll get to the point, the Samsung Galaxy Note20 5G has 128GB to 512GB of storage space. Like I said, the 128GB option will be cheaper than the 512GB one. But 128GB is still a lot and can get a long way unless you are a serious gamer that likes a hell ton of different games.

It has 3 rear cameras that will get a lot of HDR quality photos without actually having a camera. Now, the most important aspect, battery. No one likes to have a mobile that takes forever to charge. Luckily today’s mobiles are not like that. The battery capacity of the Samsung Galaxy Note20 5G is 4,300mAh and 4,500mAh.

The cost is around $1000 dollars so it’s not on the cheaper side. Overall, I think it’s a pretty good mobile, with amazing cameras and a ton of different additional features. Now, let’s talk about the Samsung Z Flip 5G.


Samsung Z Flip 5G

I  think no one could have been as excited as me after the news of Samsung Z Flip 5G. I am excited about the Flip phones and finally made my mind to get the Z Flip 5G. It is just after a short amount of time, I figured this phone is not for me. But that’s just my personal opinion. And a few other people in my family that bought the mobile actually liked it.


It has a good amount of storage which is 256GB. The only concern is the battery capacity, it has a small 3,300mAh battery. It is really kind of off taking the high price into consideration. Everything is really good. But the only thing I would like to say about this phone is that purchase it; only if you are extremely sure about it. You have to be able to comfortable use it so do take that into consideration.

Final Words


That’s all I’ve got for you guys in this article. If you love any of the two mobiles, you can now get them in the festive colours white and red. The price is exactly the same so that’s not a scope of concern.


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