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Music has boundaries and no price, with a click of a second you can hear your favorite beat playing. As the demand for music increased, there are many service providers started providing services. But the thing is not all the music services are free and of high quality. We have always heard quality comes at a price, but it is not a myth. Sometimes it becomes true too. Spotify also you to listen to quality songs from all around the world. The customized playlist and a huge number of music library never fail to impress the music lovers. There are many subscription plans available for Spotify.

And day by day, the Spotify team is bringing new updates to their list. Podcasts is becoming the latest trend of the year and people started to listen to podcast in their free time. Spotify grabbed this trend and it seems that Spotify planned to release a subscription package dedicated to podcast listeners. In this article, we will see much about Spotify and its upgrade plans.

Spotify new updates
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Spotify provides subscription packages for podcasts

In recent times, Spotify is investing a huge amount in podcasts over the last couple of years with many numbers of high-profile on Spotify exclusive. It is sensed that Spotify has planned to roll out a subscription package. The subscription package would be completely dedicated to the podcast contents. On Twitter, it is shared that Spotify has been conducting surveys to some of its users asking their perception of paying an additional amount for the podcasts. As of now, it is completely free to use and attached ads.

There are large varieties of plans available starting from $2.99 to $7.99 a month. Spotify also comes along with exclusive originals, bonus contents, where you have early access to episodes. If you want to enjoy the whole experience without any ads, then you can remove the ads by paying some money to them.

By keeping all of the above things in mind, it seems that Spotify will be releasing it’s podcast subscription package. And we can also expect that Spotify will be revealing their price plans, with a slight change.

Plans for Future

If you have not subscribed through the Spotify premium packages, still you can listen to the podcasts. The smart ad system incorporated inside the application targets the people who listen to the podcasts continuously.

While some people don’t mind listening to ads in-between, there are certain people who are ready to pay the extra cost, to get rid of those ads. And also, the survey results stand as proof. It is believed that the Spotify music subscription and podcast subscription are two different things, it won’t be bundled up. 

Lyric based searches on Spotify

The catalogue size and user base stand as the biggest milestone in Apple Music. The team is trying hard to bring user-friendly improvements in their application. On October 7, 2020, a Spotify software engineer tweeted that the company has made slight changes to the search algorithm. In the update, it is believed that the search can be done based on the song lyrics. The feature is very much similar to Apple Music’s update on its application by the year 2018.

How the Spotify update works

So when a person who is not sure about the album name can search for the lyrics on the search field tab. There a lyrics match table will show the possible results along-side. It would be very useful for the users who want to discover the new music songs which they might have heard in passing.

Like Netflix feature is showcasing the trending shows on their platform. After finalizing the results, every Monday they will be published. It will also be curated on the top trends in the United States and also in the global markets. In the US and globally, Spotify Chart’s Twitter account will also share the top 50 songs in a weekly round-up.

The update of releasing the top-played album on the Twitter account seems unnecessary, as the application already have charts sections inside it. However, Spotify would have thought of attracting many non-subscribers by releasing top tracks every week.

Final Words

Well, in this article, we have seen the latest updates on the Spotify Music app. The updates may be a hit or a miss, but the thing is it is mostly loved by almost all the application users. And there is no doubt that new podcast subscription plans will be preferred by most of the podcast lovers, once they publish them.


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