WhatsApp disappearing feature: Best feature to know these days

WhatsApp always comes with the best features for its users. Time from when it came into existence, it always surprised users with features integrated into it. Earlier it was just a portal to exchange messages. But now, the scenario has been changed, and there is a lot integrated into it. Recently WhatsApp announces the feature of disappearing messages and mentions that it is now official and users will be able to use it.

If you have no idea about this disappearing message, feature then here we will be going to discuss it. After going through this article, there will be clear details available to you about this feature and how you can use it as well.

What is the WhatsApp disappearing message feature?

WhatsApp disappearing message feature is that feature that comes up with a time limit of 7 days. After seven days, the messages will get automatically deleted between the chat. For all the Indian users recently, WhatsApp released this feature. The major advantage people will be going to have is that the backup will not be going to create very heavy on their devices, and they can use it easily. This feature is available for individual and group chats both. But in group chat, only the admin will be able to enable this feature. No one other than the admin can use this feature in the group. But in individual chat, any of the people can activate the feature and then look to the outcomes.

It is not important that you need to purchase any particular device for using this feature. It is available for all devices, including Android, Linux-based, iOS, Windows, and so on. With WhatsApp web and desktop platforms as well, the feature can be enabled.

When a user go for disappearing messages feature, it controls all the messages in the chat thereafter. It is also important for an individual to know that it will not be going to affect the previously received or send messages in the chat. This will be applicable to recent messages.

Also, it is quite surprising to notice that the chat will get disappear for both parties. Photos and videos will also wipe out after 7 days.

In case you have not opened WhatsApp in the duration of 7 days, and the disappearing message feature is on, then also the messages will be automatically deleted. There is no backup for the same as well. In case you wish to save photos and videos, then you need to turn on the auto download option. In case the auto-download option is off, then you will not be able to get a copy of the data at all.

The messages will be going to appear in the floating window for the duration of 7 days, but after it, these will get disappeared.

How are the disappearing messages option beneficial for users?

The disappearing messages option is beneficial for all those users who do not wish to keep the chat for a longer duration, for some chats are there, which are just anonymous, and we do not pay attention to it. At that moment, the disappearing option will help you to keep your device neat and clean, and it will save a lot of space as well.

How to enable disappearing messages on android and iOS platforms?

Now the question arises how users will be able to enable this disappearing messages option on WhatsApp. The steps for the same are very simple:-

  1. At the very first, you need to open a WhatsApp chat on your android or iOS device.
  2. Now select the contact name.
  3. Move to the contact information by tapping on the name, and there is a disappearing messages option available right above encryption. Just click on it.
  4. Tap on it, and it will get on and ask for permission to allow it.
  5. Now disappearing messages option is switched on for a particular chat.

How to turn off the disappearing messages feature on android and iOS devices?

If you do not wish to use the disappearing messages feature anymore, then you can simply turn it off as well. The steps for the same are as follows:-

  1. Open WhatsApp chat and move to the contact information as you have done earlier while enabling it.
  2. Click on the disappearing messages option and then select off.
  3. When you select off after its not even a single message will disappear from the chat at all.


Users like the disappearing messages feature because it let them keep their device smooth in functioning. We all know that the chat backup creates very heavy on the device, and sometimes it becomes difficult to use it. At that moment, the disappearing feature will help you in dealing with things easily. Make sure you are aware of the chat in which you wish to set up the disappearing messages option. In case you have settled it up for any important chat, then also you might lose the data.

The auto-generated backup option is also there in WhatsApp, which lets users keep the backup of the chat. Whenever you next time restores the backup, the disappearing messages will be deleted forever.


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