Xiaomi MI 10T Pro Review – Price and Features

Xiaomi is among those brands which are bringing out the most affordable gadgets with all the latest features. A user will be able to get the product in their budget easily.

Nowadays, in the market, Xiaomi MI 10T Pro has created a Buzz. Users are looking forward to getting it in their hands as soon as possible. If you have no idea, Xiaomi compares users right now, then this read will be going to bring out clarity considering the same product. Let’s get started MI 10T Pro review, so that there will be no trouble to you in any case, and you can easily figure out whether you wish to purchase it or not.

Is Xiaomi MI 10T an upgraded version of the existing model or not?

The major question which is troubling the users a lot is whether it is the upgraded version to the previous model or not. One can easily get an idea about it from its price. One can take the example of oneplus 8t to oneplus 8 Pro. This helps them to really get an idea about this phone. It is known to deliver similar performance as it delivered in the previous model, and now users are in confusion what they have new in it.

But the major reason which let people choose it is that it is offering all those features in this price segment which they can expect in a phone cost more than 50k. It is quite interesting to note that in every outcome, this phone is satisfying their requirements. And hence MI 10T pro review is the best.

Practical design:

No wonder that every time it comes up with a design that definitely shocks all the users out there. People complain about the design, but it is quite interesting to note is that it has a glass back and metal frame. The hole-punch display is there, which is complete in the looks to stop the weight of the phone is 218 grams only.

Moreover, it has a rounded design, and it became more comfortable for you to hold it. Additionally, there is a 108mp camera at the back is there, which is then again paired with two other cameras along with an LED flash and a display RGB sensor. On the back surface, the curve is quite raised, and it is noticeable as in Galaxy Note 20 Ultra camera bump. It appears to be somewhere similar, but the angular design is different to an extent. The MI phone is quite light in weight as compared to this one. It is more comfortable for you to hold, as well.

The battery on this phone is 5000 mah, and a liquid cooling system is also there. Graphite pad is also integrated into it so that users will be able to use it more comfortably. It comes up with an LCD panel, which takes more space than the OLED unit. The hardware adds to the weight but somewhere, it is the best choice to consider because of all the specifications in it.

An LCD display in a flagship?

There is no doubt in the fact that not every user is a fan of the LCD display. It has a 6.67-inch display and is a flat one as well. It appears to be the same as in one plus and Samsung, but it is just like an LCD. Moreover, the manufacturers call it to be “adaptive sync display,” which attracts the attention of most of the users. In the market, people are talking about IPS LCD display with a variable refresh rate, and this will be going to hit in the same category somewhere. Moreover, the design will be going as users can expect.

Performance: MI 10T Pro Review

Talking about the performance of the phone, then it comes up with a Qualcomm Snapdragon 865 chipset inside. Displayed indicates that users will be going to have the experience which they can get while using any other phone at this price range.

It is well occupied with MIUI software, which is known to deliver the experience for multitasking and gaming. The MIUI 12 is not the updated version of Android 11, but it is somewhere stuck on Android 10, but with time there will be a new update available to all the users out there. Everything from the hand is not in Windows users will be able to get it.

When a user wishes to uninstall the application, they can do it easily. Additionally, it comes up with the dual Hue feature that first showed up in the Note 8 Pro. It let users use a Google Assistant and Alexa simultaneously without any hassle. They just need to be sure about the voice command only.

Camera – MI 10T PRO Review

Talking about the camera interface, then users will be able to change the ratio of framing and count down and then switch to the Macro camera without any trouble. Within two taps, they will be able to switch to its. Additionally, the settings are quite customizable as a user can do things accordingly.

Also, the cameras are as follows like 108 MP Wide-Angle camera 13mp ultra-wide and upgraded 5mp macro. The 2MP depth camera is missing, and hence it reaches the conclusion that it is not so great edge detection when shooting portrait photos.

It is quite obvious that users will be able to capture the photos in the dark as well because night mode is integrated into it, which is known to do its job nicely.

Battery backup:

Talking about the battery backup, there is no doubt in the fact that it comes up with a good battery, and backup is also up to the mark. After charging it fully, the user will be able to use it for up to 36 hours easily. Additionally, if they have put the phone on power-saving mode, then it will be going to last for up to 48 hours easily.

It charges to full within 70 minutes. It comes up with a dual split fast-charging system, which is known to deliver up to the mark performance.

Final verdict – MI 10T PRO Review

Overall, if you are looking forward to purchasing a phone that will fulfil your requirement of having an expensive one along with all the features, then this one will be a great choice for you. All the features integrated into at are best to consider for regular users. This is a durable choice users can have in their pocket. Moreover, with time there will be an upgraded version for Android, which let you use it more comfortably. There will be no need for you to use the phone on Android 10 in future.

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